The author hopes that students can learn and grow up happily in a harmonious environment. The China Public Safety Education Fund has joined hands with the China Children’s Charity Relief Foundation to join the micro-public welfare-saying no to school bullying activities.
Carrying out effective education and prevention on campus, so that students, teachers and parents can increase their awareness of campus bullying, learn how to prevent themselves, and effectively respond to campus bullying, thereby promoting the whole society Come pay attention to and solve this social problem.

Project Introduction

From February 2020 to February 2021, 100 training sessions will be held, benefiting 50,000 teachers and students.

  1. Carrying out campus safety training across the country to effectively improve self-prevention and self-rescue ability; “Say no to school group bullying” as a series of campus public welfare activities. Taking the opportunity of the large-scale forum and the national tour ceremonies to carry out a series of national tour activities. Invite Professor Wang Dawei of the People’s Public Security University of China to teach on-site how to deal with campus bullying; invite well-known sports athletes to share childhood growth experiences with children and use sportsmanship Motivation and interaction; the safety training team of the Antongsheng Special Fund will teach on-site how to prevent campus bullying and interact with students on-site.
  2. Purchase 10,000 yuan of children’s safety education books and distribute them to schools nationwide for free; distribute books on preventing school bullying to trained students across the country. Except for the chair professor