China Public Security Education Foundation, English translation “China Public Security Education Foundation”, on April 23, 2015 Hong Kong was officially registered and established, becoming China’s first nonprofit organization dedicated to public safety education. On March 17, 2016, the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department issued the “Public Charitable Organization” certification.

China Public Safety Education Foundation always takes “harm reduction” as its mission and “safety for life, education first” as its philosophy , Committed to improving the quality of national public safety. Through professional and effective education, citizens can cultivate public safety awareness and master public safety skills from an early age, so as to minimize accidental injuries.

Based on safety education and training

Carrying out public safety education and training in universities, middle schools, primary schools, and kindergartens across the country (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan)
Occupational safety education and training and overseas safety education and training
< Carry out corresponding safety education and training for vulnerable groups such as women and the elderly

Based on funding

Sponsor the education of children of disabled police officers who died on the job in the whole country (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan);
Scholarships are provided to the children of police officers who are admitted to the top 50 prestigious universities in the world.

Public Safety Experience Center

Every educator hopes that students can learn and grow up happily in a harmonious environment.
China Public Safety Education Foundation and China Children’s Charity Relief Foundation join the micro-charity——
Say NO to campus bullying.