Through professional “campus safety consulting”,

the school can accept the system from software to hardware Safety investigation,

eliminate potential safety hazards, and take precautions through safety pre-plans.

Mobile Section – 安童生專項基金 [Do not edit]

For the purpose of giving every child a chance to obtain a good and equal education.
We uphold the spirit of justice, fraternity, gratitude and caring to give back to the society
Actively create equal educational opportunities for children in difficulties.

Mobile Section – 助學工程 [Do not edit]

It was fun when I was young
Just touch the mimosa with your hand
Watch it shrink up
But no one has ever thought about it seriously
How long will it take
It can be reopened

–Fung Bai

Mobile Section – 校園安全教育 [Do not edit]

Every educator hopes that students can learn and grow up happily in a harmonious environment.
China Public Safety Education Foundation and China Children’s Charity Relief Foundation join the micro-charity——
Say NO to campus bullying.

Mobile Section – 公共安全體驗館 [Do not edit]